The Highs and Lows of MIT Team's Gambling

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If blackjack is one of your favorite casino games, perhaps you have inquired about winning strategies. The most famous of them is the card counting, which became the basement for appearing MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology Team. The team used the card counting method to beat the casinos and left their mark in the history of gambling.

How did It Start?

The team originated from an unknown underground card counting club, which was joined mainly by young students from MIT. No wonder, the students often played cards and the ideas how to beat the casino appeared in their heads. The card counting started as an experiment: the professor gathered some students in a group and gave the task to work out the system that will beat the casinos, using their brain and skills.

Most of the students applied for the card counting method, but not everyone was able to keep in mind the cards. As the result the gamblers with their professor invented computer software, which would increase their advantage over the casino.

Blackjack Business

The investors, who gave money for extra expenditure, appeared and made from the game blackjack a business. The team of students were managed to win thousands of dollars in the casinos all over the world. Moreover, the casinos were glad to welcome the players, as they were sure that total winning is less than winning. However, they realized the mistake after their budget had lost a lot.

Players or Actors?

In order not to give themselves away, the students had to act like actors in a casino The bullet point of their success is that they worked as a team and every member had his own role. MIT team worked out special verbal and non-verbal signs to share the information. In most casinos they were taken for rich people, who wanted to waste their money. In the future no one group of scammers could repeat congruence of actions.

The End of the Success

The success of gambling made the MIT team lose control over the emotion and they brought themselves down. The students were recognized in several casinos and the scam was discovered. No tricks helped them to enter the casinos, they were banned everywhere. Today some of them still gamble along in different casinos.