What is French Roulette and how do you get it at an online casino?

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French roulette is a casino game which became popular after the French Revolution. This game featuring 36 numbers is considered by many to have a great potential for gains. Further developments on the game were made by the French brothers Louis and François Blanc who added the ‘0’ at the end of the 19th century. This modern wheel was first used at the Casino in Monte Carlo.

The difference between American and French roulette is that the American wheel table has even chances (Red/Black, Odd/Even and Passe/Manque) on one side only, while on the French table, they appear on both sides, everything about roulette.

How does Roulette work?

In this roulette, the players are expected to place their bet before the dealer claims "no more bets." He will then spin the ball in the wheels and, after rotating round the wheel several times, it stops at one of compartments numbered from 0 to 36. The compartment where the ball stops determines what number wins. The croupier announces the winning number, and then he pays.

Here’s how the game is played:

  1. The wager is made. Players wager on the layout – This is slightly different from the European version. For instance, Passe means Even and Impair means Odd.
  2. The Bet is announced. The wager is announced by calling out the type of bet played. Announced bets have exotic names to make it very easy to pronounce.
  3. The ball is shot. At this stage the croupier shoots the ball while announcing aloud “No More Bets” when the ball begins to drop into the wheel. The dealer decides on late wagers and announced bets, his decision is final. Any argument with the croupier could lead to the player’s bet being overruled.
  4. The Lost Bets are collected. The winning number is determined when the ball falls into a pocket. The dealer collects chips from losing bet first. This leaves only the winning bets on the table.
  5. Winning Bets are paid out. The croupier pays out the winning bet next. In this game,  there are several different winning combinations, and different gamblers can receive payments at the same time.

With this explanation, the question should not be “How does it work?”, but “Can I start playing now?” and the answer to that is Yes. Play mobile roulette at http://roulette77.co.uk/. Now that you know how everything works, you can find any reputable online casino and play.