Blackjack Jokes

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The man died and found himself in hell. The Devil approached him and they started to talk.

  • Why are you so down, man? - Asked the Devil.
  • Don't you see I'm in hell?
  • Well, hell isn't so bad, you know.
  • What do you mean by that?
  • Do you like to drink?
  • Oh, yes - said the man.
  • Then you will enjoy Mondays. We drink all day long. Moreover, do you smoke?
  • Of course - said the man.
  • Then you will be happy Tuesdays. We smoke all day long. What about gambling?
  • Oh, I am a real gambler!
  • Then you will enjoy Wednesdays. We gamble all day long... and drugs?
  • You have drugs here? Well, why not - said the man.
  • You can have whatever drug you want, just name it. Every Thursday. Moreover, it's like this all day long. However, tell me, are you a gay?
  • No, of course not...
  • Well, I don't think you will like Fridays...