Card Counting and Its Benefits

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There are many strategies that are claimed to help you to be successful in the game blackjack. Some of them recommend to pay attention to blackjack odds chart, some of them advise to play only a certain variation of the game, but all of them have something in common - it is card counting. Indeed, it is not very easy to count cards, as it may seem to you. It is worth saying that the process of counting is rather complicated but makes the blackjack odds chart better.

The Core Process

Card counting means to calculate the ratio of low and high cards, by remembering them. It is connected with the purpose to get more axes and cards of 10 points, so to have 21 points and win.

How to Learn Card Counting?

Before you try to grasp the technique of card counting, you have to learn the blackjack, as a game itself. You should master your gambling performance and then proceed with details of card counting. This process demands good abilities of calculating in your head, so train your memory in advance.

Is It Legal?

Unfortunately, the card counting method is not legal in most casinos. So, if you have learnt the technique and are ready to use it, try to do it without being noticed. Applying for card counting, don't bet very much and don't win too frequently in order not to attract excess attention.

How does It Work?

There are several methods of Foxy Casino with the main strategy, called plus-minus count. The general idea is that certain groups of cards have values -1, 0 or +1:

  • +1 is the value of aces and face cards
  • 0 is for cards from 7 to 9
  • -1 is accounted for the numbers from 2 to 6.

The more count is the better blackjack odds are expected to be and the bets are growing. The high account means that there are good chances to get a blackjack and probability that the dealer will get busted.

So, we hope this type of winning systems will help you to make the gap between your winning and losing wider.