Welcome to the World of Blackjack

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Blackjack is one of the most playable card games in casinos due to the simplicity of its rules and strategies. It is notable that unlike other casino games, you have the possibility to build your efficient winning strategy, like card counting, which really helps to win. It means blackjack is not a pure chance and you have the feeling of control of the game. The rules for blackjack are quite simple, if you study them thoroughly. So, here you can see the overview of blackjack basics, which will familiarize you with the flow of the game and give you idea on how to win at blackjack.

The Goal of Blackjack

The main one of rules for blackjack is you need to have hand that gives you the higher score than dealer's one. However, your score must not exceed 21 points, because it means you have lost the game. The winning is incontrovertible, if you have cards, which count neither more nor less than 21 points.

How to Count the Points?

The main issues you should remember for sure is how many points are given by each card. Aces are worth 11 or 1, depending on the player's decision. Such cards as jacks, queens and kings will give you 10 points each. The other cards are valued according to their face value.

The Participants of the Game

Commonly, there are 7 players and 1 dealer around the table. Each gamer plays against the dealer, not against other 6 players. Every participant has his own hand to play, which is given by the dealer.

The Flow of the Game

At the beginning of the game each player makes bets, placing them on the table, and gets 2 cards from dealer. The players' cards are open. The dealer can either open two his cards or keep one unknown, which is called a hole card. If there are players, who get 21 points, they are winners. If players want they can take additional cards over a period of the game session. It is called to hit. The player finishes his game by standing, which means "No more cards". When the score is more than 21 points, it is called busting and the bet is lost. When the dealer busts, he is a loser to players. If there is no busting, the highest hand wins.

Betting at Blackjack

There are blackjack tables of different stake rates. For beginners it is advisable to choose low-stakes tables. The bets at such tables are limited, so you are not at risk to lose much money. If you are confident in your playing performance, you can try middle-stakes tables, where the bets are of higher value. High-stakes tables are for professional players, who bet much and win more.

The players can double or double down the bet. This allows them to take one more additional card. Players can also split, so they double the bet and split cards into two hands, in the case the cards are of the same rank.